Get social Amigo!


Making a difference has never been easier! We need your help. With a warehouse full of donations and more all the time, what we need most is financial contributions on a regular basis in order to keep that warehouse from busting at the seams!

To the left you will see 2 buttons, “Become an Amigo” and “Donate“. Here is how they work.

Become an Amigo

Becoming an Amigo is becoming a member. You can choose between 4 levels currently to help us pay for shipping to get these donations where they need to go! Soon we will have various incentives for the different levels.

  • Amigo ($10 per month)
  • Gran Amigo ($25 per month)
  • Súper Amigo ($50 per month)
  • Suprema Amigo ($100 per month)


Choose donate to make a one time donation of any amount that you would like.