Get social Amigo!

Welcome to a new year of Amigos Unidos!

2018 was such a wonderful year for Amigos Unidos! Thank you to everyone who helped and participated in all of our fund raising events to benefit people worldwide.

Here are some photos from our fashion show fundraiser!

Clean Water Project is in the works!

We are currently working on a water purification program to benefit the people of Guapi & Guajira in Colombia! We are working with a local LifeStraw activated charcoal water filtration system distribution network supplying to the region. Check back soon for more updates on how you can help!

In the meantime, you can help support this cause by becoming an amigo to the left on the sidebar to subscribe to our automated monthly donation program! Just pick the monthly donation amount (Amigo = $10, Gran Amigo = $25, Super Amigo = $50, Suprema Amigo = $100).

If you would like to make a one time donation, you can also do so right below on the left and click “Donate”.

Thank you so much for your interest!